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Having said that – do I even have a ‘usual’ Sunday? I do try and start my Sundays with a yoga class at 9. Love this. A gentle, powerful way to start the day. I am a warrior. But I have been sick this week, and still not in a state of mind to get […]

thanks Kate and Con for this fresh ginger central heating – especially just now as it’s been raining so much soup – Carl made roasted pumpkin and carrot soup last night – lots of spices, chilli and …fresh ginger soft men’s handkerchiefs – we do have tissues but we are a men’s handkerchief family. Kids still […]

scratchy throat, achy…..getting something. so get home tonight and it’s my go-to fave…poached eggs on toast. eggs from our chooks, so probably less than a week old. sourdough toast comfort food now off to bed!

Favourite time


It doesn’t happen every night. But it happens often. I really enjoy cooking. I love cooking with Carl, having a gin or sharing a pot of tea, and getting dinner together. It’s a great time of the day to talk about the day while preparing a meal. Today, accompanied by Nick Cave (push the sky […]

And. And.


I want to say I want to blog. But my parents are down for the weekend. Lovely meal out. No time to…. And. And.



Mushroom Tomato Eggplant Red capsicum Carrot Zucchini Six ingredients. Roasted. And we feasted like kings.

Happy solstice


Mid course in our winter solstice. So far…slow roasted cumin lamb, sweet potato & pumpkin tajine, chickpea mash. Waiting for…steamed treacle and ginger pudding. Listening to Johnny Cash, Clash, Stone Roses. Happy solstice. The days are just get longer now 🙂