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three #blogjune


Confess to struggling a bit with #blogjune …what to write, more importantly what NOT to write! But I do digress….read this this morning, The case for informed browsing and it reminded me of my one and only visit (so far) to Muse in Canberra last year. Lovely place and really I look at the website now and […]

Taking a leaf out of Rachel’s post and using her list as a start…#iconfessineverread Huckleberry Finn War and Peace Lord of the Rings Ulysses Although I have read most of the English classics, there are lots of European, Russian, US and Asian *classics* I would like to read. And that’s just the classics to start with. […]

It’s New Year’s Eve, and we are off later to a party, curries, bubbles and dancing. So a quick post while I relax. Can’t begin really to recount the year – I need to look through posts and images and reflect on 2013 some more. But in the meantime, ta da…a list…and a book list- […]



Having had a super busy week & then a long weekend  is just brilliant. Work is slightly hectic and I am still trying to really work out why….Sometimes I worry that I am not managing my projects properly but then things come up that I just cannot plan for, and part of that is just […]

Why keep books?


Why keep books? For me… memory design/inspiration/just looking – I love rereading and taking a book, be it a cook book or an art catalogue or a novel and just opening and reading….for inspiration, somewhere to hang out for a while, to be taken back… gifts – wish I remembered to get friends & family […]