7 things I’m loving right now #blogjune


thanks Kate and Con for this

  • fresh ginger
  • central heating – especially just now as it’s been raining so much
  • soup – Carl made roasted pumpkin and carrot soup last night – lots of spices, chilli and …fresh ginger
  • soft men’s handkerchiefs – we do have tissues but we are a men’s handkerchief family. Kids still go to Carl’s undie drawer to get one (as do I). I only carry a hanky when I have a cold
  • clean floors. i love their feel. Having two dogs in the house means a clean floor is often a temporary thing, but i still appreciate the clean floors when we have them.
  • Roddy Doyle – started ‘A star called Henry’ last night
  • holiday planning

oh wait that’s 8!

One Response to “7 things I’m loving right now #blogjune”

  1. I’m totally a soft men’s handkerchief girl too, and always used to steal my dad’s. When my grandfather passed away, I kept all his hankies so now I have my own stash. And I love a clean floor!

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