Sunday I am a warrior!


I just love my Sunday Body Balance class. It’s on at 9am which is early, but truth be told I am an early bird, and Carl brings me in tea at 8am and I can still comfortably get to the class! Only the latest of Saturday nights or being away for the weekend can keep me away.

Today I rode in minus 5 sunshine in my new goose down jacket, very generously bought and given to me by Jack for my birthday. It is simply the warmest thing I have ever worn – it is like wearing a goose doona! And it folds down into a tiny bag, so it will be just amazing for travel.

I think I have mentioned before about standing poses – I think I love all the warrior poses the most – there is such strength and grounding in these stances. More on standing poses. Last week I also did the Wednesday evening class with Nellie that I also love. A completely different instructor puts such a different meaning to the class. Nellie is more descriptive in the poses and in the breathing which I just love. Although I will soon be putting my gym membership on hold for a few months, I will make sure that when I am back I factor more classes into my week.

And a new phone and new synapses being formed as I move form the eyephone to a Galaxy. So far, so great!!

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