Top of the list


Top of my list this loooonnnnnngggg weekend has been to try out a new yoga class. Which I did today.
10.30 in a local hall (at Corroboree Park for the locals). It was a coolish morning but I was energized from a trip to the farmer’s market and a coffee.
And I loved it! After my weekend yoga retreat a month ago I have been keen to find a yoga class to suit me. Catherine Potter my Broulee yoga retreat teacher said to shop around and find one that suits me. And I think I have. Sarah Burns has a great name and I really enjoyed the class. Quite different to anything I have ever experienced. Technical which is good I think to get the real basics. The hour flew by. I’ve not worked with blocks before and a downward dog with blocks under the hands is quite different to a downward dog without blocks.
I’m not too crazy about having more commitments on the weekend, but it’s a pay as you go arrangement so I’ll go as often as I can. The hall is in a lovely park with views out to Mt Ainslie, so it sort of feels like home 🙂
And now eight hours later I can feel it in different parts of my body. Upper back. Neck. Hands. Wrists. Quite a different workout.
Tomorrow morning is Body Balance. Different again. Good for stretching.

Blogging from phone so another short post.

And yes. I have a list for this weekend. I love a list. I love a long weekend.


One Response to “Top of the list”

  1. 1 Tony

    Well done. I’ve never done yoga but I am yoga-curious

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