I did a yoga retreat a while back.
Lots of things made sense. Resonated.
Catherine – my teacher – said at one stage – ‘be deliberate’.
So when you are going from a lunge back to two feet together – being your foot through and place it deliberately, not hard or noisily. But deliberately. Carefully. Like you want it to be there.
Or from a downward facing dog to a lunge – place your foot through deliberately. Mindfully.
I like that and think about it often.
It has applications to lots of things.
Our actions have consequences.
Your footsteps. Your imprint on the world affects others. Your decisions at work, at home, in the choices you make all have consequences.
These days I’m trying to be more mindful, more deliberate about a whole bunch of things. What I eat. What I buy. What I do.
Being barefoot helps. Grounded.
Not at all sure where this post is going in a way. But want to tease this through some more sometime.

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