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Got a head cold. Uncomfortable cos I can’t sleep….wake up drowning in snot! So stayed in bed for solstice. Carl moved an old wooden step ladder in the bedroom and put my poppies on it so I could see them from bed. Was noice….

scratchy throat, achy…..getting something. so get home tonight and it’s my go-to fave…poached eggs on toast. eggs from our chooks, so probably less than a week old. sourdough¬†toast comfort food now off to bed!

Kim and Tony are in Queenstown and their photos have brought back the most extraordinary memories of our last visit there. We had 10 days in Queenstown in October 2011. 2011, the year Jem died. By October I was a bit of a zombie‚Ķand we took a much needed holiday to NZ, ten days in […]

My mum has uncontrolled shaking of the hands and face. The diagnosis is …an essential tremor. I find the word essential in this phrase absolutely non-essential as it slowly inhibits her in ways. For my mum has had this tremor for a number of years now…at least 10. The tremor gets worse when she is […]

I just love my Sunday Body Balance class. It’s on at 9am which is early, but truth be told I am an early bird, and Carl brings me in tea at 8am and I can still comfortably get to the class! Only the latest of Saturday nights or being away for the weekend can keep […]