366 huzzah!


I can’t quite believe that I have completed a photo a day for the entire 366 days of 2012. The last couple of weeks I was extremely mindful about taking a photo as I was so very close to finishing the entire year…and for whatever reasons, it is nice to have done the whole year. I can honestly say that each photo was taken on the day that is described – although there were a couple of times when I couldn’t post onto Flickr on the day in question.

I have only blogged about the process a couple of times during last year (that’s 2012!) – at the beginning, and about mid way through.

It’s great to see all the photos as thumbnails together – and it recaps the year nicely.

So it possibly wasn’t the most exciting of years – no overseas travel to go on about – but work trips interstate to Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide; quite a few weekends away to Sydney, Depot Beach, Narooma, Bowral, Huskisson (quite a few times) and Broulee – all keep me sane! I saw and heard the wonderful Jeffrey Eugenides and Jack White and danced the night away to Canberra punk rock bands from 30 odd years ago. And some theatre trips and movies and bookgroups, and some lovely parties and lots of work in between where I presented at a library conference in Sydney and then again at the National Library. And food…some delicious food consumed and made.

And Carl and Jack and Isabel, and the dogs- especially Memphis, and the chooks and just being alive.

Don’t want to sound corny but I will…still I think very much in recovery from the trauma of 2011. And menopause, yes menopause. I like to blame Jeremy for pretty much not having a period since he died…shock and the right body time anyway I guess. So I think I have got though menopause pretty much OK for there were other matters such as grief to work through. Incredibly tired at times and the getting hot effect (in bed I have my feet, legs and bottom pretty much always on top of the doona), but it’s another change, stage, time in life… And in 2012 I was sick, not just a cold, but a flu like lurgy that kept me in bed for a week. And don’t get me started on my changing body shape…a thickish middle section (even if Isabel says lovely things such as “you’re one curvy lady mum…”). I am loving body balance and pump at the gym. I think I first started yoga in year 9, so over 35 years? Exercise and the daily walks on Mt Ainslie are really vital. And walks on the beach even better!

… (yay for ellipsis)…they say so much…

This year I want to stretch myself a little, or a lot.

Stretch my body and stretch my mind…

(Ok so possibly now the ellipsis are just getting annoying).

So huzzah for 366 and 2012, but onwards.


3 Responses to “366 huzzah!”

  1. 1 polyxena2

    Well done! I have done photo a day for the last two years and love looking back at the year through them! Last year I made a Pummelvision video of them and loaded it to Youtube. I really wish I could it again but Pummelvision has closed. But I am looking for alternatives. Meanwhile I have posted my first PADs on 2013PAD and HAPPY365 and away I go again! Grief and trauma take a long time to work through and menopause…. The ellipses again…, Ax

  2. 2 Penny

    awesome job! Best wishes for 2013 🙂

  3. 2012 was about consolidating my dear. And healing. And getting ready for 2013. All the very best my friend xx

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