157 up*


I started daily image last year – but couldn’t continue when my brother was so ill. How do you take a daily image on the day of your brother’s death, and then funeral? So I stopped. There was a lot more to concentrate on…grieving, healing and just getting on. So there is a small set for 2011 (and in fact a few were posted privately as well).

I have started again this year and have managed to take a photo each day.

My thoughts so far (in no order of importance)

  • a smile makes a big difference
  • i don’t smile enough
  • i often look worried or preoccupied – is that my natural state?
  • i can’t imagine not wearing glasses anymore.
  • i don’t think – apart from today- that I have EVER posted the first photo i have taken for the day.
  • a funny challenge would be to post the first photo of the day (well for me anyway)
  • it’s become a bit of a habit and i like it – but I’m not obsessive about it- well not yet. Would be pretty annoyed if I made it to 364 days in a row and then forgot. Sometimes family remind me
  • some days are way easier than others (well that’s for everything isn’t it?)
  • they are not completely truthful or completely indicative of the day – but they can’t be….for instance i didn’t even mention the anniversary of Jeremy’s death, or my lovely sister’s birthday. i know when those days are…
  • just a snapshot
  • as a record – I love it!!
  • I love Instagram – I don’t always use it, but nearly always.
  • daily image is best, quick, instant with my mobile. i have taken a couple with digital camera but then i have to download it straight away…longer process…
  • I love looking back through the set – a great document of what I’ve done this year…not everything obviously, but something
  • I love Instagram (did i already say that?). it’s fun. It’s social.
  • It’s documenting my healing, it’s been over a year, but i feel like I’m coming out of a fog…as a dear friend commented the other day – “You are looking very happy in these latest photos – gorgeous” – there will still be bad days of course and I love and miss my lovely brother and sister and that doesn’t change.
  • i’m blessed with a lovely family and wonderful friends

157 (up) today – the set so far

* a fan of 7Up, i read last week that we are up to 56 Up – now screening in UK (3 part series). Now that is cool!!


3 Responses to “157 up*”

  1. 1 apubliclibrarian

    Lovely post TY

  2. “i often look worried or preoccupied – is that my natural state?” – ahhhh…what a great observation/reminder…(for me, for you, for all of us)

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