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Photo: Carl Queenstown set Taken in the cemetery at Queenstown. Apologies- I thought I had set this up to publish for 13 June. Seems horribly fitting given #orlando …

…lol, except posted it twice…one has now been removed. And image is huge…will change. This is Dickson Shops, ACT



Spent a lovely day out with Margaret – Carl’s 80 year old mum. Drove out to Bungendore for markets and lunch, via Queanbeyan and finally got to take a pic of this sign. The old apartments are gone. But the sign remains. I love her bikini bottom and the red shapes. They used to say […]

Falls, a fall?


Grrrr. Had a post to go, but not showing on phone or tablet for reasons beyond my tired comprehension. So you get just the pic instead. Which I like. Tianjara Falls, about 20km from Nerriga on the way back to Canberra from the coast. Last time I was there it was a trickle, but on […]