Taking a breather #heyho2014


We haven’t been in London a week yet, but this part of the trip feels different somehow.

Not at all sure why. Perhaps its because it’s the first place we have been to in this trip where I can understand people as English is the first language. I’m not trying for clues or guesswork or miming to get through. Having said that we have got through with English everywhere really…in parts of Turkey and in Warsaw it was sometimes harder, but not impossible. So in not having to concentrate on language so much I can relax more? Maybe it’s just because it is all a bit familiar. I lived in London for most of 1985. I have lived in England for three separate times in my childhood/youth.

Week 6 of travel and I feel quite exhausted! It seems the less that we do, the tireder I feel. Having said that we haven’t had a single day when we haven’t *done* something. But can you live a day without doing something anyway?? Is that living? But London has meant some really lazy mornings which for us is pretty unusual – followed by some lazy evenings as well.

In keeping with the mantra “we can’t see everything”…we wrote down a few things that we did want to do…and we do seem to be getting through that small list.

We went to the London Eye – expensive and a great view, but honestly – I probably wouldn’t do it again. The whole experience takes about a 30 minutes and it’s so slow that you don’t at first realise that the view becomes more 3 dimensional as you go higher. After going on the Eye we caught a river bus to Greenwich. It is great seeing London from the river and the Thames is so very interesting. The view from Greenwich Observatory was great, and on par with the London Eye … (different view of course).

We have been to some of the museums and galleries that we both wanted to see – the London Museum, Natural History Museum and the Tate Britain. The Natural history Museum was great, packed on a rainy Saturday. The British government initiative (Labor?) to make these museums and  galleries free is excellent – the NHM was packed and noisy, but how wonderful to see a museum being used! I felt a real thrill in the NHM. I said in an IG photo that I felt like I was channeling David Attenborough – and it did feel like that. Yes the stuffed animal/bird displays are getting old, faded and tired looking.  It was poignant, sad looking at dodos, passenger pigeons and a thylacene. And we have done this – allowed animals to become extinct. Killed off whole species through hunting or destroying habitats. The history of museums/galleries and collecting and displaying is interesting in itself.  Sometimes I do wish I had gone into curation & museum studies.

And walking! We just walk and walk. Some evenings my legs ache. I would love a pedicure and a good foot massage (hope to get a good massage in Morocco – I just don’t have the time or money to consider a London massage!). I love walking. Could walk all day. And do. My ‘moves’ app on my phone is out of whack as my phone has been on flight mode since leaving Australia so it is permanently on Australian time. This means our walking day over here typically spans parts of two days. I think when we are back home I will add up all the steps and just divide by the days away to get some kind of idea of our walking. Of course the days when we travel distances  by plane or bus or train there are not many steps – but I do like to keep an eye on my daily steps!

Spend last evening with my cousin Richard. Such a lovely person – we met up again this morning – went to a great Gothic exhibition at the British Library and then had a late pub lunch. I don’t want it be 29 years before we meet again.

Missing the kids. I chat with them through FB most days or every day or so. They are doing their own thing. I suspect I miss them more because I miss lots of things – home, the Canberra spring, the normal, usual routine of life…I’m in the different space. Not them. I love thinking about them and knowing that I have two amazing, beautiful children. That sustains me.

Slightly annoyed that I not getting on the laptop more often to simply get stuff stuff down. But that’s just the way things are…I think I should just call these posts ramblings. Unformed. Not especially pretty. But a bit of a breather in a way.

4 Responses to “Taking a breather #heyho2014”

  1. Hi Kate. Loving your photos on Flickr and your posts. Can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks on the road! Travel well. E xx

  2. 3 Heda

    So glad you enjoyed the Natural History Museum. I did too and I could say it was because of the grand scale and depth of collection but have admit it was primarily because it has fossilised dinosaur poo. Who know such a thing even existed?!!

  3. I can thoroughly recommend the Imperial War Museum if you get the chance.

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