On packing #heyho2014


Ah hindsight…what a wonderful thing.

This extremely exciting post all about packing, what I packed and what I wished I had packed!!

I packed for 13 weeks away approx 13 kgs of luggage. We both have a main bag and then a mini day pack and a satchel/handbag. Carl often puts his satchel into his pack when travelling. I have a wheely bag and can put my day pack on that and wheel away hardly carry anything! We did send a box of stuff off from Warsaw – Melanie arranged the postage and the box only cost about $25 which was great. It was a wine box – the type that holds six bottles and in it we packed a few bits and pieces including a dhurrie I bought in Turkey, some small Turkish carpet bags (and I honestly can’t remember what else!!). It hasn’t turned up in Canberra yet – but we did say that we weren’t in a rush for it! In London we bought a post box and filled it with knickknacks and my Birkinstock felt slippers. It weight about 3 1/2 kilos and imagine our shock and surprise when we were told it would cost 85 pounds to send!! Needless to say we have it still! Carl is carrying about 17 kilos now and I’m carrying about 15, so still heaps of room for small, weighty items in NY. But I really just want to buy things in Morocco I think/hope, although I don’t know what so far!!

Anyway – back to packing

  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 2 black cotton t-shirts
  • 1 3/4 sleeve black t-shirt
  • 1 red/black cotton top
  • 1 black/white thread cotton skirt
  • 1 black/white spotted cotton cardigan
  • 1 black Kathmandu fleecy
  • 1 blue goose down Kathmandu jacket – packs into a small bag/light and super warm!!
  • 1 pair swimmers- black and white spots
  • 1 black and white spotted long sleeve cotton shirt
  • 1 black/red cotton dress (made in Nepal, cross over top, black belt tied at the back)
  • various pashminas, scarves – 4 in total
  • 1 pair 3/4 black leggings
  • 1 pair black footless tights
  • 1 pair black opaque tights – patterned
  • shoes – my trusty black Keen Mary Janes (I wear these almost every day- fantastic shoes! If cold I wear with black socks), a pair of Adidas runners (on their last legs- intend to ditch in NY when I buy a new pair), pair of thongs. Looking forward to ditching the runners- only really keeping them for Spain/Morocco as a second pair in case my MJs get soaked)
  • socks – 3 pairs black cotton ankle socks, 1 pair red short gym socks.
  • 2 bras – good ones that I can rinse out quickly. But getting sick of these two…
  • 7 pairs of knickers – I like good knickers- you get what you pay for. My 7 pairs are all Jockey Parisienne knickers (my current faves!)- they feel great, different colours, cotton gusset, easy to wash overnight if needed

Rationale: 🙂

I thought that I would have a mix and max range of clothing. I thought black t-shirts would be a great idea in that I could do a David Attenborough type dressing – always be wearing a black top so that it didn’t matter if I wore the same top for two days in a row, and that black goes with everything. the scarves/pashminas would add some colour and variety and warmth. What I forgot is that I don’t really wear black t-shorts a lot, especially not with jeans and runners (think Michael J Fox/Fonzie!!).

I knew I would need a range of clothing for potentially very hot and then quite cold weather. I thought the 3/4 leggings and footless leggings and tights would mean I could layer the skirt and dress as needed.

What I wished I had bought…(and these are things I can visualise in my wardrobe..)

  • another pair of pants- perhaps a pair of cotton trousers (yep I have a few pairs at home I can think of right now!). I am comfortable in jeans and trousers! If not a pair of long pants- then a pair of capri pants or even a pair of cotton shorts for those hot HK/Turkey days!
  • coloured cotton tops – long and short- to wear with jeans, pants, leggings, even the skirt
  • a plain black cotton short skirt
  • I want colour!!!!!!!!!!! especially with tops!

So far I have bought (clothing wise)

  • another pashmina in Istanbul (honestly my pashmina obsession is becoming ridiculous !)
  • another cotton skirt – I got in Barcelona- it’s from Nepal which I know is crazy…and yep- black and red and greens . Thicker than my other cotton skirt and will layer well.

what I didn’t need to bring…so far

  • black and white spotted shirt and black and white spotted cardigan. I’ve only worn both a couple of times – and really only when I am so over the other clothes I have or if things are dirty! I thought that I would wear these more when I needed to dress up a little bit more??
  • I haven’t worn the black opaque tights (but they hardly take up room)

What I have learnt…

We do wash our clothes too much. When travelling I often re-wear a t-shirt, usually after a day or so airing it out. Unless it really smells – most tops are fine worn twice (even three times at a pinch. I am not a smelly perspiring person as a rule!) . And jeans- I reckon I wore my jeans for almost 2 weeks without washing- and they were just fine. It wasn’t hot and they were great. I know I have read things online about people never washing their jeans. I could never do that. Unless you spill something gross, jeans are OK for a couple of weeks! lol

I can handwash or machine wash with any soapy stuff – so far I have used shampoo, body wash, soap. If nothing- just a soak in hot/warm water! And I always wash in cold at home…

New York in November will be colder…looking forward to some clothes shopping there! Want jeans, runners…


Did I mention colour?


PS – one day later. Forgot to also mention I also have a pair of sleep shorts and singlet. And I found another pair of socks. Black and white spots. Do you sense a theme???

2 Responses to “On packing #heyho2014”

  1. Such good hints! Lots of love Frances

  2. Great advice! Hope we can chat more when you’re home.

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