Back in the day…logistics #heyho2014


They used to be called trucking companies, but in the last ten (?) or so years they have become logistics companies – which I guess does describe what they do. Move stuff around. Lots of stuff. In all directions. And keep tabs on it all. Tracking.

So far as well as flying we have been using both buses and trains to get from city to city. It depends on the timetable and the price. I think I prefer train – certainly the train in Czech Republic was just so quick and smooth and wifi 🙂 We reached speeds of 160 km an hour. Kinda puts our train system in Australia to shame (although to be fair we have huge distances and almost no population).

We bussed it during the day from Praha to Stuttgart which was great. 9am to 4.30pm  with a couple of stops along the way. Yes motorways, but scenery! So many solar farms and wind turbines (the turbines here are humungeous!) and biofuel crops (Carl’s words).

And trucks. Loads of trucks all with their different slogans and mottos and web addresses and logos.

We collected logistics slogans during that bus trip (these are the ones that are in English). It just seems so exotic seeing trucks from Denmark, Slovenia, Russia, Hungary, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Germany…the list of countries is seemingly endless.

Anyway…the slogans.

  • ‘innovation in motion’
  • ‘logistics fulfillment’
  • ‘valuable goods in competent hands’
  • ‘try it with us’
  • ‘the art of moving…Smidl’  – Smidl is a Czech trucking/logistics company
  • ‘TNT…sure we can’
  • ‘the right partner for your deal’
  • ‘intelligent logistics’
  • ‘the culture of logistics’
  • ‘optimum solution’

And that’s what i love about new places and travelling…it’s sometimes just the small nuances. Sometimes it’s bigger things too.

Different. Same. Similar.



Who would have thought I would ever post about trucks??


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