#heyho2014 Prague and Nutella


We are currently in Prague, staying a in a great spacious apartment just minutes, no seconds from  The Old Town Square. I have the window open and there is a piano accordionist playing below…sounds just amazing. No kidding. I couldn’t have wished or planned it.  Slow old songs. The type of music you associate with piano accordions. This morning when we were crossing Charles Bridge we heard/saw another piano accordionist playing…but he was playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Not your typical piano accordion music but he was an amazing musician.

Today I also continued my trend of only ever eating Nutella in places other than Australia. I have never eaten Nutella in Australia. It’s true.

But I have eaten Nutella in 3 places so far…

  • in 2004 I ate Nutella and banana pancakes in Pushkar, India. They were just delicious and the first “western” food I had eaten really while travelling in India. A memorable first place to have the chocolate hazelnut spread!
  • in 2014 in Istanbul – the pretzels that you can buy for 1 Turkish lire. You can have a Nutella one for 2 TL. And I did – although they could have been a little more generous with the spread.
  • in 2014 today in Prague. We stopped at a cafe on the other side of the river. We spotted our first “Illy” coffee sign on our travels – and although we haven’t been hanging out for our usual coffee – every few days we do get a flat white. The coffee tastes different anyway, because no one uses fresh milk and everyone in Europe (so far) seems to use UHT milk. And on the menu were Nutella crepes. So we both ordered some and I had mine with cream and ice-cream, and they were delicious! Thin crepes, Nutella, icing sugar, cream and ice-cream. An instant creamy sugar hit!

I wonder when and where the next Nutella fix will get me….

It just can’t be in Australia.

That’s the rule.

My rule.


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