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Photo: Carl Queenstown set Taken in the cemetery at Queenstown. Apologies- I thought I had set this up to publish for 13 June. Seems horribly fitting given #orlando …

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Crazy cloud over Aoraki / Mt Cook We hired a car and went up to Aoraki for the day. Didn’t climb…just wondered and wandered near and around… I love the vegetation around mountains..moss, rocks, tufts. Photo: Carl Queenstown set

See previous post…more on the gorgeousness of Queenstown Old beech forest just out of Queenstown. Did you watch Top of the Lake – that is filmed mainly around QT so it gives you another cinematic taste of the place… Photo: Carl Queenstown set

Ah hindsight…what a wonderful thing. This extremely exciting post all about packing, what I packed and what I wished I had packed!! I packed for 13 weeks away approx 13 kgs of luggage. We both have a main bag and then a mini day pack and a satchel/handbag. Carl often puts his satchel into his […]

We haven’t been in London a week yet, but this part of the trip feels different somehow. Not at all sure why. Perhaps its because it’s the first place we have been to in this trip where I can understand people as English is the first language. I’m not trying for clues or guesswork or miming […]