Finding my sweet spot


Got lots of posts in draft and I have been super quiet of late…but why?
‘Cos I’m not super excited about blogging on iPad mini or phone…and I hardly ever get to a laptop at home. But I shall perservere!
But also because I find everything so noisy just at present.
I am not a big shopper, well not a mall shopper (although as far as shopping centres go I do think that Canberra Centre is the right mix and not too claustrophobic). I will happily wander around markets and interesting streets…
Christmas finds me a little overwhelmed most years, so I go simple and quiet. I would much rather catch up with friends at any time of the year….what do we catch to catch up before Christmas again.

This year Christmas plans are still a little unknown.
My 84 year old dad has been using a walker to get around for the last three weeks – he had a painful attack of sorts that has left him sore. This from a man who walks, walks daily, walking is what he does.
It was initially diagnosed as osteo arthritis and so he was prescribed exercise and some physio in a swimming pool which he has been doing ( he is a very cooperative patient). He has now had a bone scan and been to a orthopaedic surgeon and his condition is still unknown….they are thinking now that it may be a stress fracture high up in the femur where the hip joins. He now needs an MRI to really confirm, and then a decision will be made about treatment. Treatment varies from complete rest and it will heal in time, to an operation to put a pin in, to a half hip replacement. We’ll know more after Friday week and another appointment with the surgeon. So he has gone from exercise/physio to compete rest at the moment.
Mum and dad were planning Christmas with us in Canberra. They were planning on staying for a few days and we would all be together with my sister, Sarah and family – for a few days.
All a bit up in the air at present as it may be that we have to drive down to Bowral instead…..that’s all ok.
I am uber cool and flexible with this all…I guess I just want my parents to be OK.

I listened last night to a podcast about social media….apparently Facebook is for the everyday, Pinterest is for the aspirational, and Instagram is for the immediate beauty. I am on Facebook for work, but have to say the rest of it pretty much bores me to tears. The broadcasting of life…and not even owned by yourself. I dip in and out as I am sure many do. Whatever works for you.
So this blog suits me better. My blog. My control I guess.
I do like Instagram, I find beauty and interest, delight and connections through images and short messages.

So what’s up?
Heaps as usual. Sometimes I think I have restless legs….a couple of weeks ago it was trips to Melbourne, Sydney and Bowral all in one week….but 2014 holds much longer travels….

On Sunday Carl and I went to a small exhibition of photos taken of Elvis at 21, right when things were starting to happen for him, but some lovely intimate photos of a time long gone.

So here’s hoping you find your sweet spot.



One Response to “Finding my sweet spot”

  1. Looking forward to hearing about your longer travels next year.

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