3 Gens


Have had a delightful weekend so far.
Mum and dad are staying with us & it’s been brill.
Last night ten of us had dinner at a local fave restaurant.
Today it was a misty ‘Bowral’ day. Lovely winter. Clear boughs. A little gentle rain. Mild. Contemplative. Perfect parent weather.
The usual Saturday markets seeking lovely food. A walk to the wetlands with my dad, and a good chat. Lunch – a superb lentil soup that my mum brought down. Afterwards the Turner exhibition. One of my dad’s favourite artist so he just lived loved it. The reef if is rest of us enjoyed, but possibly to a latter extent (altho he was an amazing artist with light, colour and landscape). Afternoon coffee and cake with Sarah (sister) and Chas.
Then an amazing couple if of hours – gin, food preparations.  Andy dad getting help with his newly acquired tablet. First from Carl and then from Jack (more the android boy).
Then dinner of slow cooked osso bucco & a Christmas pud – the pud made by my mum at Christmas and discovered in the pantry today (I had planned roasted pears but they were too ripe hard).
And through it.
So far.
Gorgeous kids.
I have to say that one of the loveliest and most unexpected *things* of parenting is other people (especially your parents) …. saying nice things about your kids. And feeling so proud!!!
So lots of love in this house this misty, wintery weekend xx

(read this almost 24 hours later and corrected. I’ve been writing on my phone and I just don’t pick up my mistakes!)



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