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My blog tends to be the personal, although library stuff is what I do, so there are intersections. I recently completed the Hyperlinked Library MOOC ( well I didn’t complete to get the certificate, but I did do the blogging part). My blog posts were on the hyperlibmooc site but I have exported the posts […]

Quick lunchtime post-eo My manager and I have been rewriting my job (flamboyantly called a PIQ- position information questionnaire). It’s actually a good time to refocus and clearly enunciate what I do, why I do it and how do we measure it all. We also list major challenges, problems, quality assurance processes – a whole […]

Fantasy future


I saw the latest Harry Potter movie on the weekend. I really enjoyed it, although I think I liked it so much just watching Isabel’s face throughout it all. She was soooooo engaged. There are a few films that I am looking forward to, and the strange thing is they are all of a genre […]

Catchy title? – I enjoyed this session. * I’m in a bit of a rush to get some of this down before going camping for a week, but wanted to get down a few of my notes on another keynote from Information Online 2009 – ‘Libraries as happiness engines”. I’ve been thinking a bit about […]

Keynote for Information Online 2009 – Anticipating the future of libraries: understanding trends and staying relevant in the digital age – Andy Hines, futurist, adjunct professor of Future Studies at University of Houston. 22 January 2009. Emerging challenges 1.    Values 2.    Demography 3.    Lifestyle 4.    Technology 5.    Work 6.    Education ‘addicted to growth, debt, consumption’ […]

I’m in Sydney this week to go to Information Online 2009. I though I would have a go at live blogging some of the speakers. I am starting with the first keynote:  Sherman Young. The only things worrying me are: keeping up and dealing with my pretty crappy typing skills. Should be fun! Click Here