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Jack is in Bonn and we are all going on with life…as he is. it’s hard to put in words. A feeling of loss. i described today that it was like losing a limb, but it’s not. Carl says he feels useless. I don’t feel that but I do feel grief. i also can’t imagine […]

this last line from my last post… Oh, and possible things happening on my job front…well an application that has to go in this week. #fingerscrossed and yesterday I resigned from ACU after almost 13 years, and 8 years in my present job (well it’s morphed with me, my interests and our library plans, and […]

pushing through


Was a bid sad to miss the very last day of #blogjune, but the results of a years planning a small conference came about from 29 June to 2 July, and there were three 14 hour days and then a six hour day on election day and I just couldn’t get to blogging. And truthfully […]

This afternoon I went to the ANU for a crash course in the first 12 of the 23 Research Data Things. I had consciously not registered to join the program when it was advertised in 2015 as I was feeling over committed and although it sounded interesting it wasn’t essential in my present job. But […]

BUT… you were waiting for the but aren’t you? my reality right now nowhere to go up in my organisation cannot go 4 days a week as supervising staff i am 55 in a few months, and I honestly think age is working against me… I don’t want to go on a ‘pathway to retirement’ option […]

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We said it was coming – it’s landed! Our next event is a talk/workshop on personal taxation issues for people working  (or studying) in the GLAMR sector. It’s on Thursday 18 June, 6-7pm in the Ferguson room at the National Library of Australia. Let’s talk about tax We are…



a few things… the PIN number to my debit card. I was at Woolies the other day and just had a mental blank. Got the card out and it was like I never ever had a PIN number. I don’t have it recorded anywhere. I know there is a 7 in it, but apart from […]