On side


I’m looking forward to the World Cup. I am not sporty really in any way, but still, looking forward to it…

I like football. It connects me to two of the three most important men in my life…my dad and my son.

I grew up listening to the football scores on the radio (and still listen if I’m having a night of insomnia – BBC World Service has stopped me going mad some nights…- another post).  My dad has always followed Wolverhampton Wanderers – or Wolves – who I think last peaked when dad was in his youth, although they are currently in the Premier League (something dad does like to remind me about).

Jack – my 17 year old has played football since preschool (the pee wees). I have watched a lot of football and have had a lot of football games and plays described to me. We connect in lots of ways, but the football is a nice connection. He knows lots more than me and I’ve learnt a lot about football and about him. He is more interested in the Italian and Spanish leagues and I keep him up to date with snippets of the English league. We get up early or stay up late to watch the important matches.  Make tea. Talk.

Jack. Canberra City under 18s, 2010

Today I printed off the SBS guide to the World Cup games. I’m not so sure I’ll catch the 2am and 4am games, but there will be some late nights, early mornings coming up.

I still don’t understand the off-side rule properly…and neither it seems does John Cleese.


7 Responses to “On side”

  1. 1 apubliclibrarian

    I don’t really follow football, I have attended the occasional Mariners game. Mr21 played for the Avoca Beach Sharks from the age of 5 until the end of year 12. But like you I will take an interest in the World Cup, at work we are trying to organise a pool with a ‘bragging rights’ trophy.

  2. Loved that video! reminded me of having the offside rule explained to me by soccer stalwarts in our college tv room, at midnight.

  3. 3 Edgar

    The offside rule is best explained in practice, than in words, but its relatively straight forward, an opposition forward can’t be nearer the goal than the last defender when the ball is passed forward to that forward, or something.
    One of the reasons I like football as opposed to other games is the paucity of goals and having a rule that increases that paucity is great. Others say a nil-nil draw after 90 minutes makes for a dull game, and that the continuous goal scoring in AFL or Basketball is more exciting. But I believe the rarity of a goal makes them all the more special, and you get to concentrate on the rest of the play.

  4. 4 strawberriesofintegrity

    thanks for that! I too like the paucity of goals although I have a girlfriend who can’t stand football for that very reason – 90 minutes of play and no goals!

  5. 5 haikugirloz

    My ex was a man u supporter and both my girls played footy. I am hoping that Australia does well this time around.

  6. 6 CW

    I am completely unsporty and don’t care for any, so can’t comment. Oh.. wait… 😀

  7. 7 snail

    I’m taking a vague sort of interest…in some attempt to step out of my usual practices. I now that the Matildas recently won the Asia Cup, and the US beat the Socceroos 3:1 the other night. Of course, whether that means I’ll actually watch a game is still to be seen 🙂

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