60 #blogjune


Pinch and a punch and before you know it #blogjune is here.

I have already read a few posts and I think a lot of us are on the same page…lots to do, even more these days, and amongst all the busyness… less time for blogging. Why are we even doing this again?

These days i am hardly ever in this space, but I have started writing a written journal again after years and years of not. Some days I write pages, and then other days it’s a few words. But I enjoy the physical after so much time at work and at home on a screen. And blogging on a tablet sucks a little…I used to always use a laptop or desktop to blog.

So what’s happening?

I’m reading – Arthur and George / Julian Barnes. Next is The Anchoress / Robyn Cadwallader

I’m watching – Game of Thrones, on repeat. Somehow it lends itself to winter viewing and hibernation.

I’m cooking – curries, soups, cakes.

I’m drinking – Bengal Spice tea just now

I’m thinking – about the whole issue of ageing / invisible women of my age.

I’m taking – photos almost daily. I love Instagram

I’m missing – my 19 year old daughter now living in Melbs

I’m enjoying – this time 

I’m planning – holidays, walks and goals

I’m listening – to a Bollywood compilation I bought at the Indian grocery on the weekend, and Bombay Royale http://youtu.be/fsK7eJTlC68

And the 60……the amount of blog posts I have in draft….hysterical!


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