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Keynote for Information Online 2009 – Anticipating the future of libraries: understanding trends and staying relevant in the digital age – Andy Hines, futurist, adjunct professor of Future Studies at University of Houston. 22 January 2009. Emerging challenges 1.    Values 2.    Demography 3.    Lifestyle 4.    Technology 5.    Work 6.    Education ‘addicted to growth, debt, consumption’ […]

Vampire energy


Sometimes you just need a hook, a new way of looking at the same issue. I think we all know about the wasted energy of all of our electrical products, even when we are not using them, but I rather like the notion of Vampire Energy and the following video.  Kx thanks trib for this one

Red and blue


the red: I first heard about this story on another blog I follow – Linda’s ‘Living the good life’ and I’ve heard it since in the news…the red list of endangered and threatened species. The red list, produced by IUCN, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, is a list produced every year […]

I’m really interested in sustainability and ethical living, but it can sometimes seem to take all your energy just thinking about doing the right thing. I’ve read a couple of books (The rough guide to ethical living, Duncan Clark and A life stripped bare: my year trying to live ethically by Leo Hickman) in the last […]