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Big week coming up. Isabel is 18 tomorrow. 18. Tomorrow. [She has already confirmed that she still wants to come into bed with us in the morning…a birthday tradition, when we open cards and presents and take daggy photos….after all Jack still does it at 20!] Then on Tuesday she has her Year 12 formal. […]

I follow, well “liked” Canberra Punk and Beyond on Facebook when it was first launched a couple of years ago. As the info blurb says – the group is there to….”CANBERRA INDEPENDENT MUSIC 70’S/80’S-ANYONE WHO WAS THERE-SHARE PHOTOS,MUSIC,STORIES FROM THE PERIOD.1977-1992″ There have been some gigs in the last few years, with some of the […]

I feel so relaxed I can barely blog. Lazy-ish day. Spent the morning moving furniture n stuff around in the main living area. Really happy with results. Whole feel of room is different. And there is that inevitable decluttering and cleaning that comes with shifting sofas and tables around. Walked in the afternoon with Carl […]

Oh. Thor.


Oh Thursday. Some call Wednesday ‘hump day’ which has always seemed a little weird to me. Me. Thursday can be trouble. I just seemed to have run out of energy. Steam. Puff. My dad at 83 still goes into Sydney from Bowral every Thursday – trains and busses it to UNSW. He is still researching, […]

Apologies of you have heard this one before … but yes, a slight sense of loss…now that the children are older. Mr J is 19 and in his first year of uni. Living a home but rarely here. Ms I in year 11, and like J often not at home or just busy being out and […]