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A busy Saturday so far…but one thing I will do this weekend is register my interest in attending TEDxCanberra on 23 October. Numbers are limited to approx 300. I may not even get there…but if not, I’ll be following it all in some form or another! Follow TEDxCanberra on Twitter or Facebook or RSS. [If you […]

L (M, N, O) P!


[Jeremy Brooks Well he’s done it. My 17 now had his P plates. Today he went from L to P. L – license. The competency based training and assessment system/ lessons have been great. J has been driving for about 8-9 months and has had seven lessons in the last 7 weeks. Competences checked and then […]

Penny posted on Nurturing the spark of creativity and included some TED clips. Ideas worth spreading indeed. I like it that people like Jamie Oliver speaks at TED. There is a TEDxCanberra on 23 October, and I’m both intrigued and excited about a TEDx  event in Canberra. Speakers so far at TEDxCanberra – Patrick McGorry, Tom […]

– this is the title of an ‘Innovate’ workshop that I am running for our uni’s Learning and Teaching Centre conference on 16 July (one hour session). I’ve asked my colleagues for suggestions – and now I’m asking you…. This is in the *total-brainstorm-anything-goes-stage* at the moment 🙂