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Estate of….


I remember reading those words the day after Jeremy died. For the estate of the late….awful, awful words. So final. And the mail just keeps coming with these words on it. I’m doing a bit of a quick trip around all six campus libraries. We launch our new library website next week and I’ve been […]



I have found it very hard over the last few weeks doing much. I’m at work and I’m busy and I’m producing things. I’m holding it together. At home I collect the eggs, walk the dogs, clean, shop and cook nice meals. In fact I am really enjoying cooking. But sometimes I feel like I’m […]

I’m part of the blog every day in June #blogjune as I did last year. But lots has happened and I am still very much in a period of grieving as my darling brother died just a few weeks ago. Lots of people and things are getting me through this time.¬† I never particularly know […]

Shoes to fill


If the shoe fits, big shoes to fill. Lots of sayings about shoes – well I have just thought of two. And boy. I know that no-one can fill Jem’s. How could they? Another busy week and the thing that upsets me at the moment is feeling that¬† Jem is already fading just a little […]