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End of an era


Carl and I saw the last Harry Potter movie last night. Harry and friends are a similar age to Jack and his friends, so it’s been more than a little weird watching them all grow up – Harry and his friends in a much more public manner! Isabel has read and reread all the books […]

August wellness


A few of us got were talking about another monthly challenge (‘cos we haven’t got enough to pack into our days already….) and we came up with a wellness challenge for August. It’s really about being mindful about ourselves and perhaps posting a tip, a photo, a thought a day during August.  Well I missed the […]

I love slow food. I love fast food. Carl gave me a tagine or tajine last year and I made a couple of nice meals in it over winter. Last Sunday I got the tagine out again and made a beef, chickpea and pumpkin tagine which was just delicious. So fragrant with prunes and almonds […]

Quince tartin


Such a strange and profound dinner tonight. Me and Jem and Max and Kath and Elaine. Starters – bruscetta with salmon marinated in lemon and lime juice, Spanish onions and capers served with coriander. Main – pizza with prawns, goats cheese, rocket. Dessert – baked quinces tartin. Conversation ranged from morphine, writing novels, travel and […]



My brother Jeremy and partner Max gave us some French truffles (fresh winter Peybere truffle from the south of France) as part of their very generous Christmas gift to us. The truffles had been air freighted to Australia and arrived in Sydney on Christmas Eve – boo for food miles, but yay for trying something new and […]