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Roof thingys


Beware- extremely non technical building post ahead. Very excited as house progresses. Carl and I pass it either every morning (on our morning walk), or in the evening (Carl always rides by after work or we detour when off to drumming, guitar, futsal, shops, blah blah…). It’s all I can do not to peek during the […]

OK- when I posted yesterday evening I thought the slab was still to come, as I went past the house mid morning yesterday and there was no sign of activity, no concrete trucks, no builders, no loud AM music screaming from utes…nothing. The sneaky slab was laid sometime yesterday, as we discovered this morning! Kx

The Slab!


with apologies to Hunters and Collectors (not my favouriate H&C song but I like the early 80s filmclip) and not beer either – although with the heat I have been drinking a little beer lately…Coopers Pale Ale  is always a favourite. I want a slab o’ concrete!! The builder has been doing preparation for the […]

You might recall (goodness that sounds formal!) that the old house was demolished before Christmas. Not a whole lot more has happened because all the builders and tradies have been on holidays! Well they are all back now –  at last- and this week -some real progress has been made. Plumber came and did all the digging […]

Well the house was demolished properly on Saturday 13 December (as the only thing that really happened on Friday 12 December was that the excavator arrived at our house and flattened the old loungeroom -see demolition part 1). The *proper* demolition came on Saturday and Carl and I arrived at the house at 7am with […]