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I came to a quick halt with this one…an app that produces interactive visualisations for mathematical functions??  Lost me there as I do not do anything in this space. But I do have a 23 year old who lives for maths and is doing his Masters in Algebraic Geometry in Bonn right now. So I […]

I downloaded ‘sound metre’ ABC onto my phone. its ironic that I have a throat infection and I cannot give you my loudest yell! I do like the descriptions of though….it’s quite silent here where I type. Dogs are snoozing…enough at times to make the metre hit 20dB but mainly as I sit here typing […]

I have used Socrative, a while ago…well quite a while ago, when presenting at ALIA Online in 2012? My paper ’92 things and counting’….there is a Prezi around and I should have the paper somewhere ? Don’t mean to sound blasé. But we used Socrative to poll people as they came into the session… So […]

at home today on doctors orders. The drugs are working and all is well, so is it ironic that this app is all about the human body. truth be told I love these types of apps…pocket anatomy looks great from the 4 min explanatory video, but I won’t be buying as it’s $30.99 in Australian […]

How did I not know of the PeriScope app, given that I do use Twitter, although not as frequently as I used to? PeriScope is “a FREE live streaming app that allows users to view and broadcast live “scopes” from around the world in real time. Live streaming is defined as transmitting or receiving live […]