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Kathryn asks the question – what’s your blog all about? Well? Probably life, including bereavements family parenting music movies reading some library? In fact if you want to know, my most popular post ever is …. da da Holy farting Birkenstocks – true. I think because it is a problem (suction, air, farting noises at times) […]

Sheeesh #blogjune and I haven’t blogged since last June #blogjune ! In my defence I do now keep a handwritten journal. During 2015 I wrote almost every day, but this year…less so. Was listening to Life Matters as I was in the car this morning running a few errands before work. Was an interesting discussion about […]

Originally posted on Canberra Library Tribe:
The Canberra Library Tribe is delighted to be participating in #blogjune 2015. This blogjune post is part of our short series of interviews with people who volunteer in the GLAMR industry (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Records). These stories will highlight the abundance of volunteering opportunities across Canberra, and showcase…

  I get restless legs. Not often the “restless lying on the couch gotta move legs”….but the restless “I have to walk and walk and walk legs” And walking helps me work through things. I’m not saying it’s my only way of solving problems or working something through…but walking helps! Last week I read the Guardian story […] It’s Sunday evening and this probably feels a bit slack, but I like this…. And there are a couple of points here that especially resonate…letting go, and progress over perfection (oh and all the points here!) Night night x

Yep. They do. Lovely day. It started with World Cup football from 7.30. It was a good game. In truth, Australia was never going to win, but the Socceroos played well, especially in the second half and it would have been nice to have a 2-1 final score. That would have been nice. Let’s ignore […]

My blog tends to be the personal, although library stuff is what I do, so there are intersections. I recently completed the Hyperlinked Library MOOC ( well I didn’t complete to get the certificate, but I did do the blogging part). My blog posts were on the hyperlibmooc site but I have exported the posts […]