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Having had a super busy week & then a long weekend ¬†is just brilliant. Work is slightly hectic and I am still trying to really work out why….Sometimes I worry that I am not managing my projects properly but then things come up that I just cannot plan for, and part of that is just […]



Interesting mixed up day today. Variety and things to think about. Work & an unexpected meeting in the morning, lunch out with a friend, the VC was on campus for his twice yearly staff talk, then….escape! Met Carl in Civic and saw….Fast & Furious 6. I have seen a couple of F&F movies but couldn’t […]



Mid week for me, today marks mid work week. I have Friday, solstice day as my day off. Today. A good day. Followed by rain, a hail storm, dark skies, and a lift home (bike is in the office). Return home to a house full of happy (read…uni exams finished) 20 year old boys. Celebrating. […]



This list via The Guardian, from The British Film Institute – The Top 50 Greatest Films of All Time ….and how many of these films have I seen?? Marked in red, mainly the American, English, Italian ones here. I am interested in this list as there do look like quite a few movies here that […]

Top 100 movies


from Kelly, so thanks I can confidently¬†say I will score OK in this- I hope?? Here then is the list of the Top 100 movies by popularity on IMDb Those I have seen are in bold and those I want to see marked with an * The Shawshank Redemption (1994) * think I should see, […]

For me…


We all escape into something. For some – it’s fantasy or science fiction. Me – I like, what some people call, the hard stuff. On the weekend I wasn’t feeling so good…so I went to the hard drive and watched a bunch of stuff I had recorded earlier. I watched: Napola – a film set […]

End of an era


Carl and I saw the last Harry Potter movie last night. Harry and friends are a similar age to Jack and his friends, so it’s been more than a little weird watching them all grow up – Harry and his friends in a much more public manner! Isabel has read and reread all the books […]