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My blog tends to be the personal, although library stuff is what I do, so there are intersections. I recently completed the Hyperlinked Library MOOC ( well I didn’t complete to get the certificate, but I did do the blogging part). My blog posts were on the hyperlibmooc site but I have exported the posts […]

What are you taking away from the Hyperlinked Library MOOC? random thoughts: that it’s OK to let the heart drive change, be a part of what I do professionally. I have never had this articulated in any type of learning/lecture/reading… seek meaningful relationships with our users (hate that word but insert your own…users, patrons, students, […]

Timing. Not sure if the MOOC has triggered some sort of crisis in my own professional practice, or if it was coming anyway? (not looking for blame here…) I am sure what I need is to articulate my goals, my mission as far as library practice. I have already moved heavily into MOOC reflection space. […]

I realise (yet again) while listening and watching Michael, Peter and Char in this module that it is the human faces, the relationships, the passion, the exposure to people who “know their stuff” and are passionate about it all – this is what engages and motivates me. Not groundbreaking, but my motivation for doing and […]

I have had this one in draft for a while as I was just stuck on makerspaces, and not sure why. And then it came to me….I think I am caught in this space where I just can’t see academic libraries and makerspaces in the same sentence…and that is bad! There is no reason why […]

In true fashion I appear to have skipped onto module 8 – the breather module. I really do need to finish my post for module 7 AND do my social media guidelines for an assignment. But I have been taking a breather, a long breather some might say. six nights in Ubud, Bali with five […]

I have to say right from the very beginning that I am awe of seeing Aaron with his gmail account that is – oh wow. Nothing more to say, move along now…. * that’s the envy part of my post 🙂 The first article I read was the one from Aaron about the stapler […]