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1pic1thoughtinAug 17 Blurr and sway Originally uploaded by KatieTT Put the phone on a stepping stone and took this. I like the blurr and the sway of this… New gravel path into back yard and a peep of green, green grass and a garden bed. Home today to do some study and of course procrastinating! […]

Almost a month into July and this month of “getting-things-sorted-before-I-study-2-units-and-also-hold-down-a-full-time-job” from 2 August is going quick smart! C and I made a list of long-term things to do around the house yesterday when were driving to Goulburn. No dates against any of it- but useful to see where it’s all going around the house/garden. outside: […]

@jobeaz asked that someone blog on the pros and cons of keeping chooks – so here is my list. We’ve had chooks for the past 3 or 4 years, with a year off last year when our chooks were having a coastal holiday with my parents-in-law while we were building/renting. Pros eggs, fresh, fresh eggs! […]

My Sunday so far…. Flowers this week – some lovely white tulips (and I still have lilies from last week). No housework this long weekend. There are tumbleweeds of dust through the house but I have flowers and fresh food. We’ve been outside mainly, so the inside can wait. I only have coffee at home on the […]

Huge day of finally getting the turf down over the grey water piping…. so happy.  Purple and green are my favorite colours. I wear purple, but not a lot of green. And they were the suffragette’s colours – although I only found out today that the colours represented dignity (purple), white (purity) and green (hope).  Purple is […]