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I’m tired, my head is spinning. You’ve done it to me APLIC18 Quick notes courtesy of some great tweets. And by the way, how great is twitter for conferences and talks?  We even had a #APLICleftbehind hashtag. Was it only ten or so years ago that tweeting at a library conference was like being the […]

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Was a bid sad to miss the very last day of #blogjune, but the results of a years planning a small conference came about from 29 June to 2 July, and there were three 14 hour days and then a six hour day on election day and I just couldn’t get to blogging. And truthfully […]

It’s been list after list just lately. But the list I had not anticipated was the emotional list…felt quite teary yesterday saying goodbye for three months to Carl’s mum – and then it happened again today when saying goodbye to my parents. I guess I’ve been so caught up in home, work, farewells (was out […]

Tonight I donated to Elizabeth’s cancer fund cancer fund. I’ve only met Elizabeth a handful of times (well maybe two handfuls?) but she is a memorable gal. Elizabeth is 29 and is living with a diagnosis of a rare bowel/liver cancer. It’s times like this it’s hard to know what to do. Listen. Be there. […]

A Pretenders song I think?? Yes….. “now the reason we’re here…man and woman…is to love each other, take care of each other…..some of us are looking at the stars… is unkind…we fall but we keep getting up…over and over and over and over…” Yep – found it! message of love, and I would embed here […]