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Sometimes it’s nice to go into a keynote and not know anything about the person. I did it with G Willow Wilson, and then I did it the next day with Jad Abumrad. @JadAbumrad is part of a team that produces RadioLab. RadioLab is described on their website as “… a show about curiosity. Where sound illuminates ideas, […]

No point beating myself up about the fact that I didn’t write that much whilst #kateinportlandia … I was tired when I wasn’t doing things! But I am annoyed that I didn’t write down more thoughts about some of the speakers that I heard pretty quickly after hearing them. It’s all very well and good […]

Bit excited!


I’m off to Portland, Oregon in a few days. Before we went overseas last year I applied to go to the ACRL Conference in Portland – (that’s Academic and Research Libraries) – and it was approved. I guess the lesson there is try…I really didn’t think it would be approved, but I had nothing to […]