What’s your blog all about? #glamblogweekly


Kathryn asks the question – what’s your blog all about?



  • life, including bereavements
  • family
  • parenting
  • music
  • movies
  • reading
  • some library?

In fact if you want to know, my most popular post ever is ….

da da

Holy farting Birkenstocks – true. I think because it is a problem (suction, air, farting noises at times)

I guess it has always been more of a blog of bits of me with no special emphasis.

Why don’t I blog about my profession? Not sure, do I need topics to guide?

Truth right now is that I busy just learning my job these days, and I am doing the best jigsaw right now (pic to come sometime), and a few projects being hatched that are taking my energy and time right now.

What I know i missed through not taking part in #blogjune is the community.

3 Responses to “What’s your blog all about? #glamblogweekly”

  1. I ‘probably’ write about the same topics. I’ll write a post about it too.

  1. 1 Let me count the ways | Sues Bent

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