GLAM Blog Club #1: What I learned in 2016 #glamblogclub


I love that I learn. I learn what I love. I love that I live. I sometimes (still) surprise myself.

What did I learn in 2016?

grab opportunities – a new work opportunity came up, and I embraced it, grabbed it and I love it! I left almost 13 years in an academic library to work at ALIA in this job. Now I’m working across all types of libraries, and the LIS and GLAM sector.

don’t let things slide – like the old frog happily sitting in a pot of water that is slowly coming to the boil…I don’t want to let things slide like they did…I was unhappy. I acknowledge that. But I couldn’t move on. Or wasn’t looking in the right directions. I was fighting bureaucracy and the system. I was letting my unhappiness consume me. Some things you can change. And some things you cannot – so acknowledge and work with it or acknowledge and move on.

what goes around sometimes comes around again – in a past life/job I was an employment counselor, and a (small) part of my job now is talking to people about working/studying/possibilities in the LIS sector.

moving on doesn’t mean losing touch – hangouts, Skype, email, Instagram – they are all great ways for me to stay in touch with colleagues. And I am co-presenting a paper at ALIA Online next month with a special colleague and friend.

i waste time – not so new this revelation, but trying for more purposeful reading and reflecting for 2017

life never stands still  – now is my/our time to travel – the kids have left home (mostly)

*don’t fight myself – seriously, my worst enemy is me. always.



*this one has really nothing to do with 2016. ongoing!


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