#9 Mobile 3.0 #12appsDIT


I did think that this was a post about web 3.0, you know moving on from web 2, but no-one talks like that anymore do they??

This is an app- mobile 3.0 that according to Google Play “Mobile 3.0 provides learners with the digital tools, techniques, and assignments for producing and distributing media for the unique mobile environment. The app is frequently updated based on the latest research of mobile users as they seek, select, and share digital information“.

So what does it do??

From what I can see from reading the case study- one of the things students loved was ‘Mobile 3.0 offers “text alert” notifications from the professor’ – so alerts when assessment is due/deadlines reminders. Is that enough in an app that complements a CMS ? The case study did say that some content is only in the app. Would be interesting to get more of a sense of how the app works, and a research project. Noted by the professor….”interesting for me to find that an increasing number of students welcome new strategies that keep their learning efficient and effective“.

I feel like I need more info…

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