#5 Socrative (as a tutorial coach) 12appsDIT


I have used Socrative, a while ago…well quite a while ago, when presenting at ALIA Online in 2012? My paper ’92 things and counting’….there is a Prezi around and I should have the paper somewhere ? Don’t mean to sound blasé. But we used Socrative to poll people as they came into the session…

So how does Socrative work as a tutorial coach?

what I really like about Socrative is I don’t have to register as a user…I just need the room ID and I can then put in my name/any name and answer away…..

it’s quick, it’s intuitive.

i can see that this would be useful with a large group….250 students …you don’t want questions up on a PPT when you can use an app like this and allow students to work at their own pace…I went into the app, answered the questions and then later went into the app and was able to redo the questions. That is useful for those who like to go over concepts at a later stage (I guess access to this is controlled by the lecturer who sets this up)

i think it would be a good tool to use in a tutorial setting…. feedback to both student and lecturer/tutor!

i guess I do have a question about how the whole process is managed by the lecturer/tutor? If you have 250 students using Socrative in a lecture/tute…how do you manage all the responses, the whole process at the time?


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