#4 Pocket Anatomy #12appsDIT


at home today on doctors orders. The drugs are working and all is well, so is it ironic that this app is all about the human body.

truth be told I love these types of apps…pocket anatomy looks great from the 4 min explanatory video, but I won’t be buying as it’s $30.99 in Australian money and I don’t have a need for it.

having just been in an academic library I know of some amazing resources that can be used in teaching and learning in the health sciences, and I do know that they cost big money. Unable to tell from the case study what other resources these students have access to but I think that this is a great resource that some students may well embrace. From the case study I note that this app is often used for planning dissection and then for testing afterwards…

i am fascinated by the layers on the human body

annoyed it is only available for Mac/IOS

i would think desktop or tablet use would be better as there is such fine details in the body although you can zoom in

the case study does say that students still use the big anatomy textbooks….I remember peering through my brothers when he was a medical student…those gory yet fascinating colour plates!

as an addition to, and perhaps a preference of some students I this kind that this looks like a great app…although as I said I have only viewed the video and will not be downloading the app

I loved that TV series…where they dissected animals…a giraffe, a whale, an elephant – inside nature’s giants – that  was a fascinating series and highly recommended.

see http://www.channel4.com/programmes/inside-natures-giants


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