#3 PeriScope #12appsDIT


How did I not know of the PeriScope app, given that I do use Twitter, although not as frequently as I used to?

PeriScope is “a FREE live streaming app that allows users to view and broadcast live “scopes” from around the world in real time. Live streaming is defined as transmitting or receiving live video and audio over the internet.  Using Periscope, anyone can stream a live video through the app on their mobile device (available on Android and iOS) and viewers can watch these live scopes on the app, via the Twitter app, or via a web interface at https://www.periscope.tv/.Viewers can comment, ask questions, and send hearts to the broadcaster in real time.  Hearts are similar to a ‘like’ on Facebook or Twitter”.

I read the case study and think it’s an excellent example of reaching students and answering really common questions- so great for academic skills type areas at uni.

I have copied and pasted the benefits as they make so much sense! See https://the12appsofchristmas2016.wordpress.com/portfolio/day-3-2/ but only if enrolled!

Benefits of live streaming

  • It allows you to reach many students at once. For services/staff that receive common queries, it becomes a more efficient means of delivering content through reduced replication and a standardised response.
  • Support can be delivered in a timely manner; live streaming is very quick and easy to set up and minimal resources are required.
  • Students are able to ask questions (anonymously, if they desire) and receive immediate answers.
  • Support is provided remotely; students can access the support without leaving home and logistical constraints such as large study spaces are eliminated.
  • Live streaming is an “event”; students are more likely to engage with it than a video or other resource that is permanently available.
  • Though an event, the stream is available later for students to watch in their own time (when recorded using Periscope), with the benefit of rewind and pause functionality.
  • Staff can refer to the video later for such times when the same queries arise later. Each video can therefore be added to a bank of resources which can continue to grow.

2 Responses to “#3 PeriScope #12appsDIT”

  1. The State Library of Victoria has been doing some great stuff with Periscope, sharing behind the scenes views to their exhibitions, collections and processes. I don’t know if they plan to keep it up though – I imagine asking the general public to commit to watching and engaging with a video within a certain timeframe is harder than it would be for a class group who have a stronger motivation.

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks Sally- I wonder if it’s one of those things- you know how when you suddenly hear of something, and then that’s all you hear about! But will check out SLV

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