#1 Geospike #12appsDIT


So you know this crazy busy time of year…what more could I do? Well 12 apps of Christmas, a chance to learn about a few more apps care of #12appsDIT

First off is geospike. If you google geospike the  app is listed as a travel app….record your travels with friends, but I honestly cannot see that I would use this as I love instagram.

i do however think it looks like an interesting app for fieldwork and that’s how the folks at #12appsDIT describe the uses for it.

I downloaded the app, took a photo and then had the option of sharing it with my friends or in public within the app. And no friends in the app and no inclination to invite friends to use…It also connects to Facebook but I rarely share much there so didn’t chose this option. Instead I tweeted my pic but in looking at my tweet the location is recorded but not the photo. No matter when I’m in geospike I can see the spike – an image with location. But didn’t realise that the photo didn’t crop well so only half a dog on cool tiles on a hot hot summer day.

so I won’t be hanging on the to the geospike app

but I would use it if I had some fieldwork…perhaps

and maybe if I had a road trip….perhaps

not convinced on this one but I can see its potential use for some people.



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