How to articulate


Jack is in Bonn and we are all going on with life…as he is.

it’s hard to put in words. A feeling of loss.

i described today that it was like losing a limb, but it’s not. Carl says he feels useless. I don’t feel that but I do feel grief.

i also can’t imagine how my parents parents felt when they got on that boat nearly 60 years ago and emigrated to Australia. I still remember the blue aerogramme letters that we would receive from relatives. My mum and dad would write back, in fact I think they wrote to their parents most months, or was it every week? I’ll need to check with mum when she gets back from overseas next week. And we kids would take it in turn to write a line when we were asked to…usually a thank you for birthday cards and money….

that was their communication back then, that and the occasional expensive phone call, and working out the time zones. So different to now.

i am enjoying the new job. It’s been a whirlwind so far, three days at work, three days at a conference meeting lots of the educators and working out the processes, procedures and the politics. So it’s back to three days a week for September and then after I get back from Japan at the end of October it will really be full time while a colleague is on maternity leave for 3 or 4 months. I love love love the flatter management structure and the trust! So all good and it’s busy and different and I think I have landed a great job…and I am happy and grateful and I love the luxury of days off and getting my head and heart clearer.

so just an update of sorts…Spring is here. The iris are out, and the daphne has been, and I’m waiting oh so patiently for the magnolia to flower.

and every so often, well quite often I think of those not around anymore and I say or think a word or too just to let them know that everything is alright, they are missed and loved, and life, well life goes on.

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