well this happened…


this last line from my last post…

Oh, and possible things happening on my job front…well an application that has to go in this week. #fingerscrossed

and yesterday I resigned from ACU after almost 13 years, and 8 years in my present job (well it’s morphed with me, my interests and our library plans, and has been reclassified during that time). But it’s time to move on.

I applied for, and was successful in getting a position with ALIA as a librarian: education, research and policy. It’s approx 25 hours a week and offers lots of new challenges, scope and some time for me to pursue other interests.

I admit to being slightly terrified but I reckon that’s a good thing. I have two more weeks at work and then I’ll have a week off and then start with ALIA on 22 August. And the following week I get to go to Adelaide for the ALIA National Conference as I get to attend meetings and workshops with library educators from the VET and uni sectors.

So a huge few weeks ahead. Emotional. Frantic.

I honestly thought I would stay at ACU until I retired, but this opportunity awaits. As the lovely Rachael said to me the other day- ACU will remain my spiritual home, and it will. The campus community has been so wonderful.

Two days in Sydney next week for handover and meetings.

A paper to finish with a lovely colleague for ALIA Information Online for Feb next year.

And Jack leaves for Bonn on 3 Sept.

And three weeks in Japan in October is still on…negotiated this as part of me starting with ALIA as we already have plane tickets.

Bit like this amazing sunset yesterday…you just have to catch it!



9 Responses to “well this happened…”

  1. Wow!! All sorts of exciting news. Congratulations! A big leap, but a wonderful one. What a great new adventure. It will be fabulous.

  2. Congratulations Kate! Sounds like a very exciting move, and I’m sure you’ll be amazing in your new role. So happy for you 🙂

  3. Well done on finding a new forward. That is fantastic news!

  4. …and of course that would be a new *way* forward 🙂

  5. Congratulations on your next step! Very exciting. All the best. 🙂

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