pushing through


Was a bid sad to miss the very last day of #blogjune, but the results of a years planning a small conference came about from 29 June to 2 July, and there were three 14 hour days and then a six hour day on election day and I just couldn’t get to blogging. And truthfully I love writing/typing on my laptop and less so on my iPad mini and iPad so I tend not to blog when I only have the i options! Strange but true…

So what’s been happening in my world….a lovely 24 hrs down the coast last weekend with a gorgeous extended family of friends to celebrate a 50th, a few health issues/tests that are all good now, and then a lot (I repeat) a lot of long distance parenting over the past 38 hours with Ms 20 in Melbs. For her boyfriend of almost three years left on (yes, packed up and left their flat) and moved on on Friday…completely to Ms 20’s shock. No sign of it coming, no talk of stress or not getting on, just vamoose!

So it’s long distance parenting via phone, texts, Snapchat to get her through the next 10 days in Melbs. For Ms 20 has self-funded herself through a diploma in specialty makeup for the last 6 months (like her page on FB –  Isabel Davies Makeup Artistry) and has not even 2 weeks to go to complete. She has to be in Melbs for assessment, so we are just all pushing her through until she returns to us on 22 July. Through the sadness there has been some lovely conversations and lots of tears, and Mr 23 is flying down next week to spend a few days with her and bring her home (it’s a big week for us this week as Mr 23 graduates and it’s Carl’s birthday on Saturday).

Oh, and possible things happening on my job front…well an application that has to go in this week. #fingerscrossed

2 Responses to “pushing through”

  1. 1 Empty Nester

    I read this post a few days ago but forgot my pw. Anyway remembered my pw and read Alex’s post on Liz’s blog.
    And thought I’d say hi and send some virtual *hugs* to you and for Ms20💕💔

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks…we share so much don’t we? Kx

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