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Interesting reading just some of the #blogjune posts. I have enjoyed the familiar – Con, Kathryn, Kate, Peta, Snail, Tony, Sally…also discovering new people and posts along the way. I would like to have been more receptive, more just there to newness…but it has been a bit of a struggle these days.

It’s easy to retweet or to tweet. I don’t feel I am doing justice when it’s a small blog post…is it worth it at all? Am I adding any value, anything new? I think I like to *craft* my posts more, think about them more, and I don’t think I have done that one single time this month!

Argh. best not beat myself up about this.

I am spending the next 3 1/2 days at a small theological librarians conference in Canberra. I have been one of three on the organising committee…I think we have a mixed and varied program (possibly a bit packed!), but as this is my first conference that I have really organised, I really can’t tell! I don’t really know the people, the history, the material…so it’s been a bit of fudging, and observing along the way – but I do hope it is a great experience for the 55+ delegates!

so it’s ‘how now brown cow’ – and I shall endeavour to speak slowly and clearly…as opposed to my usual rushed, all over the place way (interspersed with vagueness)!

committee :)

committee 🙂

2 Responses to “how now #blogjune”

  1. I love your posts, long or short, crafted or not. Just love peeking into your brain and your world. xx

  1. 1 The morning after the #blogjune before … – Librarians Matter

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