#23RDThings #blogjune


This afternoon I went to the ANU for a crash course in the first 12 of the 23 Research Data Things.

I had consciously not registered to join the program when it was advertised in 2015 as I was feeling over committed and although it sounded interesting it wasn’t essential in my present job.

But I went to the afternoon, and really enjoyed it. We very quickly went through the first 10-12 things. Just a taste really. I did like hearing from an ANU academic about his datasets, and also listening to a data manager from a federal govt department. I think the range and depth of research data is just simply amazing.

And it was great to catch up again with Karen Visser, who I haven’t really seen since ANZIIL days (does anyone remember ANZIIL?)

anyhoo, that’s it from me

A quick post while I drink my ginger tea, and I’m off to bed!


2 Responses to “#23RDThings #blogjune”

  1. 1 Karen Visser

    Hi Kate – delighted you enjoyed it. 23Things has been an amazing journey for us at ANDS. So many people interested in research data!

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      I really enjoyed seeing it all…and on such a large scale. I have facilitated 5 23 Things @ACU, as well as a 23 Research Things@ACU – the community experience and the whole program structure for 23 RDThings is (quite simply) amazing!!

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