not my usual Sunday aka procrastination #blogjune


Having said that – do I even have a ‘usual’ Sunday?

I do try and start my Sundays with a yoga class at 9. Love this. A gentle, powerful way to start the day. I am a warrior.

But I have been sick this week, and still not in a state of mind to get to yoga for 9am on a minus 5 morning…repeat- it was minus 5 this morning. It still would have been OK to go but there was no hot water…when it’s minus 5 the solar hot water is frozen, and I needed warm water, if not to shower in, at least to splash my face in! And I also knew that my lovely regular yoga teacher is away this week, so it made it easier not to go… (hashtag excuses)

I had no other plans for this day except to finish a 20 minute presentation I am giving this week. Twenty minutes…a ridiculously small amount of time, but none the less, a presentation that I still had to finish!

But first to help Carl…he had to do a photo shoot for a new type of potato that has more oil in it….so I spent about an hour helping him by pouring oil over a potato…


I also made a procrastination cake – a blood orange cake – google it 🙂 – as I got 3kg of blood oranges at the markets yesterday. Such wonderful fruit!

And working on the presentation – it is stuff I know, but the realisation that I have too much information, too many key points, so pacing around and thinking about the particular angle I want to take…that takes time!

At least I didn’t fall for the ‘procrastination clean’ – house remains pretty filthy…clean floors are yuck!

So…..back to the presentation I go!

But, how do you best procrastinate?

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