not a pity post #blogjune



you were waiting for the but aren’t you?

my reality right now

nowhere to go up in my organisation

cannot go 4 days a week as supervising staff

i am 55 in a few months, and I honestly think age is working against me…

I don’t want to go on a ‘pathway to retirement’ option as it brands people- I have seen this in action

i do interview well – so i have been told

i do want to work

i have my health, my partner, my family, my brain but feel so incomplete at work.

i am looking at work elsewhere. i can’t just leave ..partner is freelance and whilst his work is good and picking up all the time, I just can’t take that leap…

i have considered taking some leave without pay as a step, but again, lack courage on this (and it will stress me and family)

i am trying to be involved in work projects that interest me ( i am helping organise a small conference, I am writing a paper/presenting at ALIA next year) but … just need a new fit somewhere

this is not the whole story


OK- it IS a pity post- I lied!

will the sky fall down? no

am I OK? yes

2 Responses to “not a pity post #blogjune”

  1. This seems to be a common thread among a few of us at the moment. Thanks for sharing Kate. I am sure everything will fall into place soon. LIke you said to me – Is there anyone you can talk to?

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      thanks Rach…working through this- as you are. but thanks.

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