this wednesday #blogjune


Wednesdays I don’t start work until 11, and so my morning can take many paths…

Sometimes I make the mistake of doing too many other things – jobs around the house, shopping or a big gym session – and all this means is I arrive at work exhausted! It reminds me of mornings with young children – when you finally get to work you have been up for hours and have lived a day already! Sometimes I cannot tell you what I do but the time goes!

Today was a pretty good morning. It was – 4 but sunny and I slept in until my mug of tea was delivered to me in bed by Carl (love you honey). I like mornings. I do good stuff in the mornings, but a 7ish sleep in is divine.

I had no firm plans for my Wednesday – was thinking about a walk, perhaps a quiet read in a sunny spot (am halfway through ‘Imagine me gone’).

But I had my tea and porridge and …went for a swim!

Yes, minus 4 outside but lovely and warm in the gym (I call my gym “the club” as it is so nice- 2 pools – one inside and one outside) and if you check out my gym don’t be totally awestruck as I am not a gold club member so I don’t get the sauna, spa, white towel option – but it is the snazziest gym I have ever belonged to.

So just 30 laps of a 25 metre pool but a solitude and a gentle time to just relax and think.

*(an aside) I could go into a whole long rant here – swimming has always been something I enjoy but my sister takes it to extreme lengths – she swims 3-4 times a week, and swims 40-60 lengths of a 50 metre pool each time. So I cannot compare. I have had people come up to me when they know my last name, and whisper quiet reverently…”oh…do you swim too ?” So don’t get me started! Bit of sibling *stuff* happening there…

Then I got home and swept the deck – again, not something I do that often, but I do find sweeping can be therapeutic. Rhythm. Quietness.

So I got to work at 10.30 feeling (in Larry David’s words) …pretty pretty pretty good.


2 Responses to “this wednesday #blogjune”

  1. 1 Teresa kalgrl

    Sounds like s lovely way to start a day. JB brings me a cuppa too. Aren’t we lucky. :))

    • 2 strawberriesofintegrity

      we are lucky….finding these minus 4 and minus 3 mornings hard going!! Tea helps!

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