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Confess to struggling a bit with #blogjune …what to write, more importantly what NOT to write!

But I do digress….read this this morning, The case for informed browsing and it reminded me of my one and only visit (so far) to Muse in Canberra last year. Lovely place and really I look at the website now and want to go again and again.

They sell books including second-hand books, and it’s a bar and it isn’t that big! But that perfect selection of books I am interested in (and the food books were colour coded and looks amazeballs!). As it was close to Christmas they had a Christmas tree with a bunch of brown paper wrapped parcels underneath…clearly books. They were each $5 (I think?) and wrapped in brown paper with three words on each…three words to describe a book. I loved it! Like a lucky dip of sorts.

I got a book for Carl – the three words were….I can’t remember all three ! The words I remember were ‘western’ and ‘mystery’ and then something else like butterfly (except it wasn’t that)…but it was something intriguing! Christmas Day turns out the book is a western (old style cover) by Kinky Friedman. But what a great idea?

Is this reminding you of a story badly told and incomplete?

Still a great idea though I reckon.

Maybe I should add just three words to the covers of all my read books…am I insane?

Taken at NLA 8 June 2015. Photo CMD

Taken at NLA 8 June 2015.
Photo CMD

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